Will taking a shot at love be worth risking the friendship of a lifetime?

Jessica Coleman and Rory Cooke have been best friends since they were children, but as they approach their thirtieth birthdays they realize the love they feel for each other is no longer platonic.

Rory is sure that Jess is the woman for him and always has been, but he's forced to stand by and watch her date another man. What if she never works out what he has - that they're meant to be together?

Jess finally recognizes Rory for who he truly is – the man she’s in love with. But she's afraid to take that leap, because if their romance ends she's not only lost her lover, but her best friend as well.

Will they decide that being in love is worth the risk of losing the extraordinary friendship they already have, or will they stay just friends forever?




After a whirlwind romance, Jessica and Rory Cooke are happily settled into married life. Having successfully made the transition from best friends to lovers, Jess knows Rory is the one person she can count on, and she needs him now more than ever as she struggles to cope with one hit after another. The deaths of loved ones. Her father’s sudden illness. The revelation of a shocking secret.

As her life is turned upside down, she clings to her husband in the hope of saving herself from drowning in grief and anxiety. Will the security of Rory's love be the light that guides her through the dark days, or will Jess fall apart in the shadows of her despair?

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Drew Sutton is a former Marine who wants what his best friends Rory and Jess have: a happy marriage and a child they adore. While he’s adjusted to civilian life, he hasn’t found any woman he could imagine sharing his life with. That changes when he meets his goddaughter’s pre-school teacher. Gemma Farrell is sexy, smart – and more than a decade younger than him.

He falls hard for her, but they are two very different people and Drew fears their romance will eventually fizzle out. Will those who love him be able to help him see that finding happiness with Gemma is worth taking a chance on, or is Drew destined to be alone forever?




Luke Whittaker and Evelyn Young were high school sweethearts who had their whole lives together mapped out: they'd live on his family ranch while he worked and she studied, and then marry and raise a family.

Their plans came to a screeching halt one winter’s night when a tragic accident claimed not only the lives of her parents, but also the life Evie had envisioned with Luke. Unable to cope with her grief, she fled their small town in the Colorado mountains, leaving Aurora Springs – and Luke – behind her.

Years later, another death in the family finally brings her home. Evie is once more plunged into mourning but being around Luke again makes her feel truly alive for the first time in years. Can he convince her to come home and begin the life together they'd always dreamed about, or will she let her fears and doubts destroy her heart for good?

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She is the daughter of the enemy.

The feud between the Whittaker and Grant families of Aurora Springs, Colorado, has raged for generations after the forbidden romance between two of their ancestors ended in murder. While Deputy Sheriff Cody Whittaker’s father is willing to bury the hatchet once and for all, Autumn Grant’s refuses to let it go.

Cody knows he’s not supposed to ask Autumn out on a date.

He’s not supposed to kiss her.

He’s certainly not supposed to fall in love with her or get her pregnant.

Autumn is terrified of what her tyrannical father will do when he discovers she and Cody are romantically involved and want to build a life together.

Cody is determined to make Autumn his forever, and he’s not going to let her father stand in the way, no matter what.

Will history repeat itself, or will Cody and Autumn’s love pave the way to their happily ever after?

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Property moguls. Purveyors of sin. Philanthropists. Multi-millionaires. Best friends.

Emilia Quinn and I are all of the above. We’ve built our vast empire from nothing, just two kids who aged out of the foster system. Neglected. Unwanted.


We quickly learned we could only rely on each other, and with nothing more than grit, determination, and hard work, we’ve risen to the top of New York City’s elite. Pleasure is our business, and everybody wants to be in our orbit.

But nobody gets close to us because we don’t allow them to.

It’s why we’ve never crossed the line. We have too much at stake.

Until the night our relationship changes and suddenly everything is at risk, including the most important thing of all…

Our hearts.

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