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Welcome to the website of USA Today bestselling author Lissanne Jones, who writes steamy romances. She loves hearing from her reader friends, so feel free to connect with her by clicking on the icons at the bottom.


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Princess Nyssa Dubois is in Paris for one weekend only. There to attend a charity ball with other European royal families, there's only one man she wants to be near: her American bodyguard, John Ashwood. He's been by her side for three years while she's served as the American ambassador for her country, and now she can't imagine life without him.

But the rules are not the same for her as they are for other women: duty must come first, and being born into a life of wealth and privilege has its downsides. Nyssa is torn between her birthright and her heart. Falling in love with her bodyguard was never part of the rules.

When John shows her over the course of the weekend that her feelings are reciprocated, Nyssa must decide whether to take a chance on love and shun convention to be with him, or whether being a princess will force them to stay apart forever.


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Finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers

2021 Beverley Award for Best Contemporary Romance


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